Lesson fees will be quoted at the time of booking and may be increased at any time with a minimum of 1 months’ notice. Fees can be pay to us by cash, debit card or BACS payment (at least one week before the lesson); you can also pay by cheque (cheques must clear before your next lesson starts). If you decide to pay by making a block booking payment, then block booking payments are due 14 days in advance before your first lesson. If you choose to cancel your lessons mid-way through your block booking period, we will refund your partial lessons. However, any hours used will then be charged at the hourly pay as you go rate, including minus the cost of one lesson for admin charges.


Make and confirm all lessons with your driving instructor. Where possible, try to give as much notice as possible of dates and times you would like; this will allow you to book your lessons at times that are convenient for you – remember 20 other pupils may also be trying to book lessons in the same week. As discussed, lessons will only be considered reserved once your driving instructor has confirmed them and payments are received in our accounts. Driving Lessons only can go ahead if the pupil has a valid license as per the UK government law. Pupils must inform their instructor immediately if they receive any endorsements on their licence during the period they are receiving tuition.


Our School do not book the practical driving test on your behalf; this is your responsibility. Your driving instructor can advise you on how to book your test, or they may book your test on their commitment, and Hereford Driving School shall not take responsibility for the booking. You will be required to pay one week in advance for a minimum of 1 hour for the use of your instructor’s car and their time. There other charges for different type of tests, so please ask for the quote in advance.

Use of your instructors driving school car

Hereford Driving School reserves the absolute right to refuse, at any time, the use of our cars for any test/lessons if:
  • If your driving is considered below the standard required for the test or viewed, you are not likely to reach the required standard in the time available (by your deemed Driving Instructor).
  • If your driving standard has been adversely affected by the cancellation of lessons for whatever reason.
  • If you appear unwell or to be affected by the influence of alcohol or drugs, including medically prescribed drugs.
  • If any fees remain unpaid.
  • Hereford Driving School resides to provide its tuition vehicle, and their decision will be the last.
Hereford Driving School will not be liable for any costs, expenses, claims or losses caused or incurred following their refusal or inability to provide a car/ instructor for any reason for the test, lack of availability of any vehicle/ instructor for a lesson or examination or from cancellation of any lesson or test howsoever caused or for whatever reason.
If your instructor accompanies you to your driving test and your test does not go ahead due to your negligence, for example, you have booked the wrong day or test centre. You will still have to pay your instructor as per a typical lesson to cover their costs and time.


You must give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel or change your lesson. Failure to do this will result in the full lesson fee being payable or hours lost if you have prepaid. If you consistently cancel without 48 hours’ notice, you may be required to pay in advance for future lessons. “Excessive cancellations regardless of notice given and long periods in between each lesson session is unacceptable and may result in us withdrawing our services as your driving instruction provider”.


You cannot sell or transfer driving lessons that have been purchased in your name to any other person. You can learn with someone else in the car while we are teaching you. We can offer your friends and family to sit in one or a maximum of two lessons no more than that, which also has to COVID 19 regulations set by the UK Government or DVSA.

Once you paid for the lessons, you can not ask refund on a different account. If you have valid reasons for that, then please email us at info@hereforddrivingschool.co.uk

Store Vouchers

We do our marketing with Amazon vouchers sometimes every year, and if you are the winner of these vouchers, they will be valid for a limited time only.
These vouchers can be from various stores, and you may not choose your coupons brand.
Each store vouchers as their terms and conditions which are nothing to do with us.
These vouchers are just generous goodwill from Hereford Driving School for advertising, marketing and rewarding purposes only.

Hereford Driving School Voucher

Hereford Driving School voucher can be purchase directly from our website or via email at  info@hereforddrivingschool.co.uk,and we will provide bank details to transfer the money. Once we received the payment, we will email a PDF copy of the voucher to you or whomsoever you want to gift it.
The voucher’s date will be mentioned on the voucher; after that day, the coupon will be invalid.
The voucher is not transferrable.
The voucher doesn’t provide refund cash or money back once purchased.
The voucher would be liable for administration charges if a refund provided if Hereford Driving School chooses to refund to the same account where the money comes in.
The voucher will costs extra for colour printing, envelope, voucher card and first-class postage if requested to offer a unique gift.

Your Data and Images

We will not be keeping your data once you completed your course, and we will destroy it, or you can request by writing to delete your information immediately.
Pictures on the “Wall of Fame” have the rights to be there by each student. If you want us to take down your photos from the “Wall of Fame”, please email us at info@hereforddrivingschool.co.uk.
Hereford Driving School and Instructors will not be liable for any data breach if you haven’t requested your data to be deleted from us by writing. 
We will not be providing your data to anyone else apart from our School and its partners.

Complaints procedure

Hereford Driving School will deal with any complaints received and aim for a speedy resolution. Any complaints must bring to us in the first instance by sending us an email to info@hereforddrivingschool.co.uk.

Money-back guarantee

Hereford Driving School operates a “money-back guarantee” scheme. Should you not be happy with the service you received on your driving lesson, we will refund you the rest of the pre-booked lesson’s cost. To apply for your money back, contact us stating the reasons you want your money back. We will then look into this matter further on your behalf. As mentioned above, complaints must be brought to us in the first instance by sending an email to info@hereforddrivingschool.co.uk.


We always try to work with other companies to ensure we can provide you with the best services and find new ways to make you a better driver for life, not just for the test. Our partners help us to help you to save money, whether it’s buying a car, cheaper car insurance, discount vouchers, sat-nav, dashcam etc. If you are an ADI/PDI and would like to partner with us, let’s know, and we can organise a meeting with our partners.

If you want to know more about our partners, please email us at info@hereforddrivingschool.co.uk.

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