Yes, we can do our best to bring your test earlier using the software link below. Follow the instructions once you are in: https://drivingtestgenie.co.uk/signup?voucher=DK62769

Click the link for the soft copy of the Highway Code:


Train for a professional career that will give you a better lifestyle and 100% job satisfaction.

    1. Work the hours that suit you – enjoy a flexible lifestyle by fitting in your job around your existing commitments.
    2. No qualifications required – you must hold the UK driving licence with less than five penalty points.
    3. We are Experienced Instructor – so you’re guaranteed a fantastic professional training package.
    4. Package – You should be able to make £40,000 for full-time work and follow our support.
    5. Training – We provide complete Training, Stationery, Learning Materials, Practical training in the car, Branding, and full support with one of the most reputed driving school around. For more information about the life-changing opportunity, please email us: hr@hereforddrivingschool.co.uk.

To qualify as a Driving Instructor, first, you have to pass the three tests. These are known as Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Hereford Driving School provides you with all the necessary training material. It has created a first-class training course which will help you pass all three tests and get your career started as quickly as possible.

The answer to this question is all depends on your availability. Our course is 50 hours long and includes some Homestudy; this is necessary to keep up your training momentum. Our system provides training for all three tests and can be delivered over the space of 12 months or less, but as mentioned earlier, it all depends on your availability, so it can take longer to complete the course. We work around you.

Yes. Many of our students lead a busy life. Therefore, our courses have to have some flexibility. We always try to work around your existing commitments, but you have to consider that the longer it takes you to train, the longer it could take you to pass the test and start your new career.

Once you have passed the Part 2 test, which is the driving test and have completed no less than 40 hours of training, you can apply for a trainee licence, which gives you the ability to practice your craft with real pupil’s. Real-life training can give you lots of real-life experience and prepares you for your final test, Part 3.

Where possible, we always try to arrange your training in your local area or close to your nearest test centre. We have the trainer’s across different regions to choose a trainer closest to you, if available.

To date, we’ve never heard of an unemployed driving instructor. The market has for a long time been very buoyant, and we can’t see this changing. Once you qualify, you can join our fantastic team, and we will keep you very busy if that’s what you want. The choice is yours.

We do the work for you and help you settling your new career.

We’ll keep you busy

  • Pupil supply
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Support

We invest heavily in our business so we can invest in you and make you a success.

No tie-in contracts

  • £50 per week
  • Eight franchise free weeks
  • Fantastic office support staff
  • Career progression

We treat people as people; you’re not just a number to us.

Career Satisfaction

Let’s talk. We can give you the driving instructor lifestyle you want!

Your success is just right here, email us at hr@hereforddrivingschool.co.uk

By law, you should be at least 17 years of age and possess a valid provisional licence before learning to drive.

Your instructor will ask to see your licence, National Insurance number and check your eyesight by asking you to read a vehicle registration plate at a distance of about 20 metres. Ideally, the first lesson is a two-hour lesson so that you become familiar with the car and its controls. You can expect to do some actual moving off and stopping if you are entirely naive.

Yes, you can and probably should, as the practical experience will help you learn the questions and answers contained in the theory test. What you study for the theory test will also be very valuable in your practical lessons.

Everyone is different and learns at a varying pace. Still, on average, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (the DVSA) estimate that students need around 40+ hours of tuition before being ready to take their test. If you need more than 50 hours, there are usually some factors holding you back that your instructor will be able to identify.

Intensive courses may sound like a good idea, but most people need time to incorporate and speculate on what they learn in such a short time to retain months worth of knowledge. Regular tuition is essential, and our trainers recommend two or more lessons a week in the first few weeks.

Yes. However, if you have never driven before, then its a lot to take in. While some people will be ready for their test as they may have more experience in the past, others will require further lessons. Remember, 30 or 40 hours tuition in a 2-3 week period is the equivalent to 30-40 weeks tuition at 1 hour per week. An intensive course may suit you – you will gain experience and confidence in a shorter time scale and learn in a few weeks what could take months.

Yes, we must charge for cancellations unless you give 48 hours notice before your lesson.

Support is available, if required.

We have found that two-hour lessons are more productive for both the learner and the instructor through our experience. Each lesson will start with briefing & lesson planning, then driving the lesson in the middle and ending with will evaluate your lesson. You can learn more in a two-hour lesson than in a one hour lesson as all the above briefing and evaluate still the same protocols for each lesson. Sometimes three-hour lessons, or longer, are appropriate, but it does depend on the individual learner & current covid situation.

Yes. We strongly encourage all our pupils to take the DVSA Pass Plus course. It can be beneficial for new drivers as significant savings can be made on motor insurance for those who complete the course. Essentially this is not a pass or fail system. This course will cover other driving perspectives that are not covered under the standard tuition regime, such as motorway driving, night driving, high-speed overtaking etc.

No. A theory test certificate is required.

We ask you to indicate your preference of for training times at the time of the registration. We’ll make every effort to provide you with your preferred the time slots.

Yes. The advanced course and the refresher course covers other skills in driving. You may take up these courses to enhance your driving skills.

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